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Plants are important for the survival bees as it is their main source of food and nutrients. They also collect the nectar and pollen to feed their young. They require a variety of plants with different blooming periods so they can have enough food throughout the season. The best plants for native bees are native plants. 


Solitary bees need water just like any other life form. They can get water from different sources including puddles, ponds, rivers, lakes, or even pools. Bees use water to dilute nectar and pollen to use or feed their young. It also keeps them cool on warm summer days.


Solitary bees create their own individual nesting homes for shelter and reproduction in small holes. They could also nest in loose soil, sand, clay, twigs, hollow stalks, underground burrows or bee houses. Different types of solitary bees collect different materials to create their nests. 

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